The sacred feminine is being called back to awaken the light we all carry. This light will guide our hearts back to the beauty of simplicity, presence and love so we may experience the divine essence in all of creation. This coming home to our true essential nature will help heal the heart and soul of the world.

It’s time to hold our own hearts with love and compassion for those forgotten places we long to remember. 

Sacred Sufi Healing

Michele Hamida brings a combination of Sufi healing and energy healing to help clients heal from chronic patterns of pain and dysfunction. She begins by connecting your heart and hers to the light of the Divine with prayer and chanting. As the light comes in, the connection deepens which lead to the doors that are ready to be opened. Each step of the way the client is held in deep love and compassion. The end result is releasing the subconscious image or picture of the issue so healing can take place.

Heart 2 Heart Coaching

Michele Hamida is a certified life coach and Sufi spiritual healer. Her approach is guiding her clients to come into alignment personally, spiritually and professionally. She works with recognizing the current belief system, patterns that create blockages and discerning voices that no longer serve you. Let's begin with a connection call!

Integrative Bodywork

is a deep fusion of Myofascial Release, energy work and spiritual healing in the Sufi tradition. Michele Hamida scans the energy field working from deep intuition and prayer. Her deep connection guides her to travel to different parts of the body opening and releasing the blocks that create dis-ease and disconnection in the body, heart, mind and soul. As the veils lift and light comes in, the client feels more connected and in alignment with their true essential nature.

We Are Born of Love

Love Is Our Mother