My Story

My story is like many of your stories.  I came into this world as a twin weighing three pounds, eight ounces fighting for my life and living in an incubator for six weeks.  At six weeks I developed bronchial pneumonia and went back into the incubator again fighting for my life, for breath, as I faced death for the second time. Facing death at any age is an opportunity to “remember” to appreciate life as a sacred and divine gift.

As a young child I was asleep and completely shut off and shut down due to my birth trauma. In addition to my birth trauma, I had developmental challenges and experienced physical and emotional abuse. I lived a life in darkness and feared for my safety and not knowing who I was, why I survived and why I am here.  

As I reflect back on my life, understanding my life’s journey is what has led me to the work I bring to others at this time. The deep calling and longing to know myself and my truth started at the age of sixteen when my brother who was a spiritual seeker and my first spiritual teacher used to take me Sufi Dancing also known as the Dances of Universal Peace. I was given a gift beyond anything I was able to comprehend back then. This gift became my guide to what followed ahead for deep healing and spiritual attainment.

For the past 28 years my work took me into the healing arts as a massage therapist.  It became obvious from the beginning of my journey that I was called to assist others to heal the root cause of their pain and suffering. I wanted to go beyond the denseness of the body and was yearning to know the subtle realms of one’s being. This curiosity took me into a deeper search which brought me into the field of energy medicine and healing work. 

From there I was divinely lead to specialize in Myofascial Release. This body of work answered many of my questions that helped me to understand the deeper wisdom of chronic pain. The fascia of the body is a way into the more subtle layers which helps release the tissue memory of past trauma and injury. The fascial system has an intelligence of of its own that weaves through the blockages that holds us back from our truth.

After years of bringing healing to many clients, I was seeing my work unfold in a way that called me to deepen my own connection to myself and the Divine. My life took a turn that led me back to the mystical path of Sufism.  What I began to realize was my own heart was broken and separated longing to taste the medicine I wanted so much to bring to others. The path of Sufism is the path of the heart leading one to return to Divine Love. My desire has always been to have a direct experience of God, and through the practices and teachings I was given, my heart began to heal the deep wounds I carried. Through purification of the heart we begin to touch the very essence of our being, which deepens our connection to the Divine.  

As a bodyworker for many years I have come to know the timeless wisdom of the body and how the body is the messenger of what is happening on the inner reality. One of the ways the body speaks to us is through movement. As a lover of dance all my life, I was called back to understand that movement can be a spiritual practice leading us back to the felt sense of our bodies. As I began to move in ways I never have before, I soon realized I was connecting to my own creative expression, my inner child. This lead me to go even deeper into my creativity which brought me to the arts. What started to emerge was life changing and every moment became another mark on a blank canvas painting the parts of who I was created to be bringing me back home again. 

This is my life’s work and I am honored to be an instrument of the Divine to midwife women to return to the sacredness of  their true nature to become holy women, loving mothers and  guardians of the earth; to help others realize their true essential nature of creative expression and divine union.   

Credentials and Training

Massage Therapy & Bodywork:

Licenced Massage Therapist, since 1993,         Florida Institute of Massage Therapy

Myofascial Release Intermediate Level, Studied with John Barnes, P.T.

MFR 1, 2, Unwinding, Fascial/Pelvis, Mobilization

Dr Robert Morse- Detoxification Specialist Level 1

Detoxification Apprenticeship with Rosanne Calabrese, AP and Detox specialist

Mind, Body, Spirit Intensive-Expressive Arts Institute of Sarasota

Birth Doula- Ruth Kraft

Continuum Somatic Movement Virtual Training


Herbal Studies & Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine: Foundations of Herbalism- Emily Ruff

Wisdom of the Earth level 1, Spiritual Aromatherapy, Siddiqa

David Crow- Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy Studies

Jade Shutes- Aromatherapy Certification, Formulation and Product Making

JennScents- Spiritual Formulation in Aromatherapy

Suki Roth-Herbal Medicine Making and Plant Identification

Spiritual and healership training:

Michele Hamida has studied extensively with Advanced Sufi teachers for the past sixteen years.

Certified Medical Spiritual Healer- Dr Robert Jaffe

Master Sufi Healer – APIIR Intensive Training

Institute of Spiritual Healing Internship

Advanced Sufi Walking I

Advanced Sufi Walking  II

Trauma Release Training:

Somatic Skills and Practices- Prema Mckeever and Giten Tonkov
Working with Development Trauma- Prema Mckeever

Dr. Aimie Apigian 21 Day Journey  

Biology of Trauma Certification- Energy Module

Advanced All Parts of Me Course

Licensures and Certifications:

Licensed massage therapist State of Florida #MA69212

Licensed massage therapist State of Maine #MT6785

Certified Life Coach – World Coach Institute