Birth of the sacred woman


Please come in. Take off your shoes and feel the earth under your feet as we breathe this breath as one heart. As we travel together on this journey, we enter into the mystery of creation that is timeless and ageless. This mystery reminds us of our roots, our ancestors and a place we have known before. The tapestry of our lives has woven the threads together, and now it’s time to embody the truth of who we were created to be.

 I’m Michele Hamida Rabinowitz, a women’s spiritual healer, mystic, bodyworker and creative. For 28 years I have gently guided women to connect to their spiritual hearts and the innate wisdom of their bodies to understand and heal the deep personal, ancestral and collective wounds they carry.  I have delved deep into the realms of spirituality and mysticism as my nature is to know truth, a truth that is from the highest reality. 

Through ancient medicine, spiritual bodywork and deep listening, I shine the light and hold the hearts for women; in this holding they begin to reclaim their wholeness, sacredness and beauty once again.

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My Intention

The birth of the sacred woman is an opportunity to restore the threads of our femininity so we may return home to our essential nature. This holy journey is a gift to know oneself, to understand and heal the wounds we have been given. These wounds are doors that can lead you into the rooms of your heart. It begins with an intention, a prayer and a willingness to open that door, walk in and turn the light on. Only then when the light is flickering can we begin to embrace those deep places we have forgotten. When that flicker of light becomes still, our souls can dance in the embrace of divine love.

Whatever life you're living, there is a longing to know your truth, to understand why you are here and to feel a sense of belonging that is available for all of creation.

My Services

Is an opportunity to connect to our spiritual hearts so we can establish a deeper relationship with the Divine.  We begin to recognize the veils that block us from this truth and learn how to purify them for understanding and healing.  

Is an exploration into the blockages and belief system that no longer serves you.  We dive deep into the patterns of unworthiness and unleash the voices and past experiences that stop you from knowing and living your divine gifts. 

A gentle hands-on approach for releasing myofascial restrictions that create blockages. This intuitive work is an opportunity to heal the many layers of patterns that keep us from living a life of freedom and flow on all levels. 

The Journey from Presence to Essence

Come, sister, take my hand as we journey together back to your true essential nature.Through my own deep healing process and the gifts I’ve been given, I’ve been called to hold sacred space in a loving and safe container for others. The time is now to heal our deep hearts, our lifelong trauma and our collective wounds. This journey takes courage, patience, presence and someone who has walked the way before you to gently guide you back home to your essence. I look forward to our time together to get to know you in the way you were created to be.

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